Immo G Consulting has established a Research and Studies department that maintains
a constant market watch, leveraging a database updated with more than a million new data
items each year. This department's prospective analyses of the commercial, industrial and
residential property markets are invaluable tools for decision-making processes or for defining
siting plans and investment strategies. As they become increasingly international and financialised,
property markets have undergone a radical change in scale. These transformations have spurred
the markets while also making them more vulnerable. The need for cross-cuting analysis of estate
agent behaviour and the operation of the property markets has never been greater, and it is now
difficult, if not impossible, to appraise a property without also considering its economic, financial,
social and demographic context.

In this complex, changing landscape, decision-makers require a new approach to property analysis,
based on asking the right questions at the right time and minimising uncertainty.